Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The First Entry

Okay, so this is the second blog that I have set up (if you discount my Tumblr account, but I only have about two followers so…yeah) and it is going to be quite different from my other blog. Counting Reflections is my literature and philosophy blog, whereas The Life of a Dreamer is basically going to be more about me and the goings on in my life and such and such. Also, some of the entries here might also find their way to my Tumblr…which can be found here.

So, what’s the biggest thing going on in my life right now? Well, that would be university! This week, I will be moving northwards, taking my place amongst the other freshers students at the University of East Anglia! I’ve visited the University several times before, so I know my way around (mostly) as well as knowing Norwich pretty well, for my family roots are from across the Norfolk region. If it was somehow less that obvious, I will be studying English Literature and Philosophy, as well as taking classes in Advanced French and Beginners Italian, so I should be pretty busy with all my reading, writing and thinking.

All my things have been bought and most of my books and all that kind of stuff, so I should be all set to go to be honest. I’m not gonna lie, I am a little bit nervous about the whole thing, you know, new environment and everything! But, having said that, I think that it is time to move onto something else and really focus myself on building a new life and on my work.

Thinking about things, I think that it is very likely that I will end up staying within the academic world. Who knows what could happen?

We shall simply have to see!